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About Us


Summers With Music - Where It Started


The Victoria Beach Sports Club, a registered charity, was established in 1960 and has been a vital part of the community. A dedicated group of volunteers and community members came together to start to revitalize our local sports grounds.

This event began when Glenn and Cathy Halgren, permanent residents of Victoria Beach, came up with a wonderful idea of a family music festival to raise money for the much-loved and run-down Victoria Beach Sports Club.









The then 50-year-old Victoria Beach Sports Club was the centre for the community to come together.  Not only did it support our curlers, bonspiels, and hockey games, “The Club” as it is fondly referred to, was also the venue for weddings, socials, arts and craft sales, and funerals.  It was the place for dinner theatres put on by the Beaches Drama Club, and it provided space for the annual spring vaccination clinic for dogs and cats.

It was also the home of the ”Merry Makers Club”, a group of women who raise money for different charities and local organizations, as well as our non-profit animal shelter. Built entirely by volunteers over 50 years ago, the building had come full circle, giving us everything we could possibly have.  But, it was time to build a new Victoria Beach Community Centre.

Once again the community stepped up with volunteers and donations. The Summer Winds Family Music Festival has become the main fundraiser for the Victoria Beach Community Centre (now Beaches Community Centre).

Our first music festival‘s attendance was about 400 people, and has increased to thousands each year. The Summer Winds Family Music Festival to date has raised over $450,000, thanks to the support of cash and in-kind donations from area residents and businesses, as well as the commitment of our festival fans.

Our success has been wonderful, but we still have a long road ahead of us. This year’s goal is to raise $60,000 to continue to provide much needed funding for operations and programming

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