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Pickleball has started for 2024!

Welcome back to all the snowbirds and safe travels to the few still making their way home to the beaches. Hope everyone had a good winter and are excited to get back to BCC pickleball play!

Just a few items to get everyone up to speed. The curling ice has been removed and indoor play is ready to begin. For the month of April the courts will be open daily, Monday to Sunday for play at all levels from 9 - 12pm. This will continue as long as we have key holders that can open and close. The PB committee has not reconvened for the year and we do not all have keys to the building at this time. If there is no one available to open you may find the doors locked, we will try to fan this out in advance if this is the case.

Fees: If you intend on purchasing a seasonal pass there will be no additional charge for the month of April. All other players will pay a $2 drop in fee. Please sign in at the entrance as usual.

Outdoor courts should be up and running in the near future, more details to follow.

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