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Pickleball 2024

Welcome to Beaches Pickleball!  We are thrilled to offer 4 indoor and 6 outdoor courts for play. Please be aware that on the outdoor courts after 1pm, two of the PB nets may be removed(if required) to allow for basketball play.

We are pleased to announce indoor/outdoor pickleball will be available on Tuesday evenings beginning June 25. Play will be from 6:30 - 8:30 pm for all levels and open to members of Beaches Community Centre.

Sign Up for the Pickleball Tournament Aug 12- 14 - click here

If you would like to pay for your Pickleball Membership and Drop In Online, Please Scroll Down to the Order Form Below

2024 Fees:

BCC membership is required for all players. Click here to get your membership

Seasonal fee - $150 for the spring/summer/fall

Monthly fee - $30 due the 1st of each month

Drop in fee $4 (membership required, a one time waiver of membership fee for players only playing for a single day and not returning)


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Sign Up for Pickleball

All Pickleball Members Must Also Be Beaches Community Club Members. To Get Your Beaches Membership, Click here.

Select an item (C$)

*Please show your phone screen of your receipt of payment when checking in

Thanks for playing Pickleball with us!

NOTE: This may appear as (Vancouver) on your credit card statement

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