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Pickleball Starting April 3rd!


Adults 18 years and older

Monday*, Wednesdays & Fridays                                                       

9:00 – 12:00

* New players invited with basic

instruction provided. Please call

prior to attending for additional


Contact Lorine & Bill Mason 204.250.6466


                                   Intermediate/Advanced Level Play*


Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays

9:00 - 12:00

Minimum 3.5 level players

*Front court is reserved for advanced players

Drop in, Seasonal or Monthly fees apply



                           Intermediate & Advanced Court Days


If you would like to try to play on the front Advanced court on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, take a moment and watch the level of play.  If you feel you are up to the challenge, take a seat in the area and wait for the next opening. Please be honest with yourself.  If you are not winning no matter who you are partnered with it is possible your skill set is just not at that level as yet. Generally speaking it is a minimum of a 3.5 and higher level of player on this court. The back Intermediate courts are a minimum of a 3.0  level.  This is not the time for brand new or novice players, as these are fast paced games with no instruction offered.


                                             Fee Schedule


We will start collecting fees as of Monday, April 25th.  Fees are due by May 1st or the first day you play pickle-ball.  If you played pickle-ball this past week and are not buying a seasonal pass or did not pay a drop in fee please be honest and pay any fees owed.  Cheques should be made out to Beaches Community Centre. There is a BCC membership form required and it will be available at sign up or you can do that online. All fees must be paid prior to entering the court. You can pay your fees online (preferred). If you do pay cash, some change will be available however it is your overall responsibility.  If you find that you do not have the correct change, make a note on the sign in sheet and catch up next time making a note when you do.  The accounts are balanced so please be honest and pay your fees. 


The new fee schedule is:


BCC 2023* Membership $15 individual or $40 family


Season Pass                      $150 / members

Monthly                              $30 /members due at the start of each month

Drop In                               $4 members, $5 non-members


No Membership to BCC


Drop In $5

*If you paid for a BCC membership during this past curling season, please let us know as your membership will be good for the 2023 pickleball season.


                                                Court Rules


Three or less players waiting


  • Games are played to 11 with winners staying and splitting and two new players entering the court.

  • Once any player has played two games in a row they will exit the court, calling a third player into the game.



Four players waiting


  • Games are played to 9 with winners staying and splitting and two new players entering the court. 

  • Once a player has played two games in a row they will exit the court, calling a third player into the game.


Eight or more players waiting


  • Games are played to 9 with all players exiting the court. 

  • Players stack their paddles on the table, splitting between winners and losers on either side of the ball marker.

  • Paddles are stacked in sets of four.  The ball is moved to indicate whether it is the winning or losing stack of paddles that is next to take the court. 

  • The ball is then moved to indicate the next set of paddles.  If a player arrives once play has started, they should place their paddle at the end of the shortest stack.

  • Please note on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays the front court rules are decided amongst the players on that court. If any player from the front court decides to move to the back courts they should place their paddles at the end of the shortest stack. 


Please write your name on your paddle and pay attention so that games change out quickly and smoothly, having to call a name multiple times slows the changeout down.  If you are not available when your paddle comes into play it will be moved back a stack.  


We have six different key holders who will take responsibility for opening, closing, collecting fees and running the courts. Remember these are volunteers who want to play the game and have given up their time to help the group as a whole.  We expect all our players to take responsibility and help out fellow players of all levels when needed as well as helping identify when rules should change out with the arrival of players throughout the morning. Please adhere to these rules, as we all want to play.  This is an inclusive group and we are all the face of East Beaches Pickleball. Be kind!


Mondays              Leigh H

Tuesdays             Tim & Jodi G

Wednesdays        Claudia S

Thursdays            Steve & Elaine L

Fridays                 Bill & Lorine M

Sundays               Gary W


                                              General Rules


All players must have their own equipment and change footwear before entering a court.

All players must sign in and pay any fees owed before entering the court.

Please adhere to the player level schedule.  We encourage new and novice players but ask them to come on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. 

All our players are responsible to help out new players, by showing them the game. If you invite a new player, take the lead in getting them started on the correct days.


To register contact Lorine & Bill Mason 204.250.6466


                                 Youth & Recreational Pickleball


We are hoping to have volunteers in the community step up to get these programs started.  Our equipment will be shared however court times will be held in the afternoon or evening.  Recreational pickleball is a family friendly game for all ages with no spiking or hard hitting of balls.  If you, or perhaps you know someone who might be interested in taking this on, please have them contact Lorine or Bill Mason for information. 


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