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Amazing new ways to peace of mind in cottage country with Oakely Alarms - a Corporate Member of BCC

Oakley Alarms specializes in full home automation from alarm systems to temperature control and much more with 24/7 around the clock monitoring. They offer great cottage country services to the Victoria Beach and surrounding East Beaches area.

A few services we offer:

  • Turn the heat on at the cabin before heading out for a snowmobiling weekend

  • Forgot to lock the door? Lock it and arm the house from anywhere.

  • Proactive response to any break-ins or intrusion

  • Early detection of appliance malfunction i.e. sump pump, furnace, freezers, etc

  • Monitor the temperature around your cistern and warn you if it dips too low

  • Motion Detection - inside and outside your home

  • Smoke and Heat Fire Protection

  • Low Temperature Environmental Protection

  • Sump Pit Overflow Protection

  • Carbon Monoxide Protection

We have been in business since 1997 and will continue to grow and satisfy our customers for years to come. In that time we have strived to provide the latest technology to your home and/or cottage to suit your lifestyle with personal and professional service.

It's so valuable when we support the Corporate Members who support our community.

Call today (204) 800-5208

Visit our website:


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