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Shopping for a boat, support Local: Leisure Liquidators-a valued Corporate Member of our club

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

If you’re looking for a boat for sale in the East Beaches, you’ll need to contact Leisure Liquidators. For over a decade they have been saving East Beaches and prairie provinces customers money on Pontoon, Fishing, Running and Deck boats. Whether used or new, Leisure Liquidators offer many one of kind and unique boating options. Personal service offered to all the East Beaches.

Please call

Jackson Cameron at 204-781-4519


Jose Sanchez at 204-558-8877

For any of you that don’t know (and it’s probably the world’s worst kept secret) our most luxurious pontoons are built by one of North America’s most established and trusted builders. We simply “house brand” them at the request of other dealers who do not like our volume driven discount pricing.

They say quality is priceless but every now and then you can find that quality simply “priced-less!

Our Corporate Members so value when we bring them business. Supporting Local supports our community!


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