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Volunteers needed - Help others while you help yourself

Beaches Community Centre needs you!

CANTEEN VOLUNTEERS - We need canteen volunteers for the women's bonspiel Thurs Jan 26 and Fri Jan 27 evening, Sat Jan 28 morning and afternoon.

KITCHEN COMMITTEE VOLUNTEERS - We are looking for volunteers to form a kitchen committee to help organize volunteers for kitchen duties, events, scheduling and product

ordering – throughout the year.

Food Handlers is a nice to have but not mandatory.


The minute taker role is someone that can attend Board meetings the 2nd

Tuesday at 6:00 PM each month to take minutes and transcribe within 7

days of the meeting. Occasional remote attendance can be arranged.

Anyone interested in any of these roles can contact

Carol at


Dennis at

Are you in the East Beaches area and thinking about volunteering, but just haven't quite got around to it? You could be delaying some great benefits to your community, and to YOURSELF.

Talking with volunteers about what they get out of the volunteer experience, here’s what they had to say:

“It gives me a sense of purpose, like it’s something I can do to make the world a little better.”

“I like doing things with others. We work together, but we also chat, get to know each other, and there’s always a laugh or two along the way. I’ve met lots of good people and made new friends over the years.”

“It makes me feel like I belong.”

“It feels good to help others. I feel happier because of the volunteering I do.”

“It gets me out of the house, and doing things. Especially during the winter when there’s less to do out here. But it’s great every season.”

"It helps to keep my mind sharp, especially now that I'm retired."

"I'm always learning something. A new way to do something, about how the community club works, a new skill, and learning from others.

Come join us at the Beaches Community Centre(formerly Victoria Beach Community Centre)!


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