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Yoga Toonie Try

Are you in the East Beaches area and interested in trying yoga, but not ready to commit? Maybe just curious to see what it's about, or to see if you'd enjoy mindfulness?

Never tried a yoga class with Hedy before?

During Fall Yoga with Hedy, I'd love for you to come and give it a try - for only a Toonie! I've been offering lots of modifications, and enjoy the challenge of finding something for everyone. I'm a firm believer that true yoga is working with your body and mobility where you are at, and gently challenging yourself. We often have many versions of a pose going in class and I consider this as a sign that people are listening to their bodies, and finding their optimal way to move and rest. I've learned how to offer support to myself and others with yoga blocks, blankets, chair, yoga straps and resting poses, as needed.

Come and see what the fuss is about!

Sun 12-1pm Sept 11- Nov 6(no class Thanksgiving weekend).

Cost: Toonie!

Beaches Community Centre-upstairs lounge

(formerly Victoria Beach Community Centre)

Call, text or email me if you'd like to come for a Toonie Try!

Hedy (204)391-2364

More info at:

See you at the Beaches!




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