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Line Up



Skully Baker Band - We are the Skully Baker Band, a rockin’ six-piece dance band with a high-powered 70’s vibe. Makes sense, we played our first gig in 1972!! With a few breaks over the years, takin’ care of the business of life, we’ve been rockin’ audiences in Manitoba ever since. Just a band of E. K./Elmwood brothers pumping out the songs of our teenage rockstar heroes: Cocker, Stones, Guess Who, Pickett, ZZ Top, Supertramp . . . you get the picture.













We’re all over today’s music, too, from The Hip to Darius Rucker. So hang on to your bell-bottomed jeans and follow Skully Baker back to the glory days of rough and ready rock and roll. . . .Pass the church-key, man!



Hearts on Fire -  Hearts on Fire is a 6 piece country band specializing in mostly 1990’s country music and were one of the most popular country acts in the province during that time.  They opened for country acts Lisa Brokop, Joan Kennedy and the Kentucky Headhunters and appeared at Dauphin Countryfest on the main stage and Hilltop Stage.  HOF had recorded several songs of which two were played in rotation on country music stations in Manitoba.  Hearts on Fire also received multiple awards from Manitoba Association of Country Arts including Best New Band, Entertainer of the Year, Bass Player and Drummer of Year and Female Vocalist of the Year (3 yrs in a row). 
















Recently reunited with all original band members, Hearts on Fire held a very successful Reunion show in 2023 at the Royal George Hotel which was a sell out.  They have been playing many shows since then including South Beach Casino and the Red River Exhibition.  Hearts on Fire look forward to transporting you back to the ‘90’s with the music of such artists as Jodee Messina, Patti Loveless, Marty Stuart, Clint Black and Mary Chapin Carpenter to name a few.  Grab your cowboy hat and boots and get ready to two-step to the country hits from the 90’s or sit back, relax and prepare to be entertained by a great band with soaring harmonies.

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The Sean Taylor Band is an energetic, 6-piece party band that loves nothing more than making great music for our listeners to enjoy. Whether you're looking for country, rock, or pop; our wide array of music will keep you singing all through the night.



















Each event's setlist is custom designed for each performance, ensuring the best result every time. So bring your dancing shoes and your best singing voice and party all night with us!

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Tyler Del Pino & the Brasstronautz – Hailing from Winnipeg , Tyler Del Pino is a musical maverick whose sophomore EP "In The End" (2021) defies genre boundaries with its unique blend of alt-country, Americana and East Coast folk-rock - a sound he affectionately dubs "Canadiana".  Backed by his band, The Brasstronautz, Del Pino delivers performances that captivate audiences, leaving them with irresistible melodies ringing in their ears and hearts brimming with hope. His single "Patchwork", released January 2022, garnered over 100,000 views for its compelling music video in just its first month. 















Continuing his upward trajectory, Del Pino dropped his latest EP, "Out Of A Clear Blue Sky," in December 2023, signaling a bold evolution in his sound. As he gears up for his inaugural summer tour with The Brasstronautz, Tyler Del Pino stands poised to captivate audiences nationwide with his infectious energy and undeniable talent. 

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Men in Cheap Suits - Introducing "Men in Cheap Suits" a sensational R&B Funk Band ensemble that's here to ignite your senses.  With a dynamic horn section and groovy beats, they bring the funk to life. 




















Dressed in vibrant, multi colored suits, this powerhouse band delivers an unforgettable live experience, blending soulful melodies with infectious rhythms.  Get ready to dance and immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of Men in cheap Suits, where style meets groove!

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Encore - The high-spirited, fiery pop-rock group fronted by Canadian brothers Donald and Richard Plant have stepped into the limelight as one of the music industry’s most vibrant new artists. By fusing together a blend of inspiration from some of music’s timeless legends, Encore has contrived a unique, Rolling Stones-esque look supported by a boisterous and intrepid sound.


























Since their debut in 2017, when the Plant brothers joined forces with bassist Dan Rafaelov, the group has focused on a unique approach to writing and releasing music that blends creativity, musicianship, and tradition. With the premiere of the group’s latest works of “Stargirl” and “In My Head," along with their devoted social media following, Encore has elevated their songwriting and production capabilities to new levels, cultivating their musical knowledge and shaping their creative paths for all future endeavours. 

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Sunset Legends - Graham Cameron has been our Festival Emcee since year two of Summer Winds and often performed as a guest singer with various bands who have taken the stage. This year he’s decided “to turn the mic over” and welcome a new host to the stage. It goes without saying then that it would be in typical Graham style to close out a great run with a bang! Sunset Legends is an amalgam of some of the most accomplished musicians Graham has met through the festival and countless jam sessions.





















Summer Winds Line Up

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They all have great musical pedigrees and most have graced the Summer Winds stage in other groups. They will bring the energy and experience of their world toured selves right to our venue with a strong mix of rock and pop we all love, and lots of opportunities for all of you out there to sing along. Our Graham may be heading “into the Sunset” but he and these Legends want to bring you along for one last rip-snorter!


Harlequin - Harlequin has been in existence since the mid seventies and began their recording careers in New York at The Record Plant with Jack Douglas, legendary producer of John Lennon, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Blue Öyster Cult, The New York Dolls and Patti Smith to name a few.


They have toured across North and South America working with such bands as Triumph, Streetheart, Nazareth, Heart, April Wine, Pat Benatar and Saga. Unlike many bands of their era, Harlequin is still a staple of rock radio in Canada, where the band’s old and new hits still receive remarkable amounts of airplay. Fueled by this continued success at radio, the band still tours, gaining new fans all the time, and attracting anyone who loves Canadian rock at it’s finest.

If you've never seen a Harlequin show you owe it to yourself to see why they are still around after more than four decades.

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DJ JPQ - JPQ is a once in a generation selector. A pirate radio trained, club (and wedding) sharpened DJ who is an alchemy of a cheeky record store clerk, hip-hop professor, sweaty raver, and fun Uncle Partytime.


His residencies at Junction City Music Hall (Toronto) and The Beer Can (Winnipeg) have further stoked the legend of his passion and presence. His selections and unique style create an exchange of energy and joy that is both fundamental dj-ing and performative party rocking. You'll see him several times a week, singing and smiling, scanning the floor for more to levitate, radiating inimitable vibes, and working tirelessly to keep sharing them with the world.

​All that, and he can dance.

​​Find him on Instagram a paragraph. 

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