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What's 30 ft tall, hip and happenin' and keeps East Beaches in the know?

Our New Pylon Sign!

The board of Beaches Community Centre(formerly Victoria Beach Community Centre) is pleased and proud to announce the installation of a state of the art digital pylon sign that will serve the East Beaches community well past 2050.

The board recognized that one of the most effective and proven ways to communicate with the community is to display messaging in an outdoor environment. The technology allows Beaches to quickly change and add exciting visual content remotely, providing the community with up-to-date information about programs, events and other major community announcements, in an efficient manner.

The state of the art sign is built for the East Beaches climate and features the best display technology currently available. The sign will feature bright and clear visuals of upcoming Beaches and community events as well as to thank corporate sponsors and individuals.

The cost of the sign will be amortized over the next 15 years and will be funded by new advertising revenue generated by the website, interior digital/static signage and corporate memberships.

For more information about the sign, or if you have a major community announcement that you would like to promote,

please contact: John Heppenstall, 204 229 0777, or email:


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